My Daily Grateful - Mother Nature

Grand Tetons, WY
I’m a bit of a Mother Nature junkie and I’m blessed to live in an area of this beautiful country where I can satisfy my craving for fresh air and beauty whenever the spirit moves me.

In all honesty, I prefer to explore Mama Nat spring through fall, but even winter holds enticing situations for me. I walk a lot for exercise. My favorite conditions to walk in, by far, is when it is 32 degrees outside and snowing. The temperature is cool enough to lure you into pushing yourself harder because you don’t feel hot and sweaty, nor are your lungs burning from frigid, ice pick air. Not blowing snow, but that peaceful snow that floats straight down and muffles the sound of your footsteps until the world seems still and quiet, the only sound your heavy breathing.

Canoeing Elk Lake

The remainder of the year I love to explore mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, meadows, tide pools, sand dunes, and forests. It never gets old. I love to tour by foot, by car, by canoe. 

Crater Lake

I stop to gape at mushrooms powering their way through the forest debris or sunrays misting through the treetops.  

Tumalo Falls

I breath deep the spicy scent of manzanita or lean my warm cheeks over the refreshing vapors of a waterfall.

Sahalie Falls

I snap pictures of wildflowers and underbrush and dead wood choked with new life.

Sometimes I feel like I’m intruding when I step through the forest, but then I remember we are part of this big, beautiful nature. I’m thankful I have the ability to appreciate it and to spend so much time exploring it.

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