My Daily Grateful - Hair

This may seem random, but hopefully you will understand why I consider this important enough to mention by the time I’m finished.

When I was young I had long hair. My mom used to put it in pigtails and tie a different color yarn bow around each one. The fat yarn that made strong bows. The colors always coordinated with my outfit. Then I got to “that” age where I didn’t care to take care of my hair. That age lasts a long, long time and I had short hair all those years. People would mistake me for a boy, which was sad after about age 12 since I’m also…um…curvy. By the time I figured out that I could take control of my hairy destiny, I’d lost all love of short hair. ALL love. I’ve had long or longish hair since. At some point two things happened. 1.) I realized how fast my hair grows, 6 inches per year. 2.) I realized there are little kids out there who need hair.

As soon as I learned that there were children who had to go through life bald due to no fault of their own…I started donating.  In two years I can get a 10 inch ponytail. In three at least a 16 inch tail. I love the thought of a child running around with my hair bouncing on their head. I know it isn’t only my hair. They use several donations to make a wig. But I’ve always loved my hair. It is shiny, strong, a pretty mix of colors and plentiful. Why not share it with someone who needs it more?

I’m happy to say I’ve donated (at least) more than four feet of hair over the years. But, I think this might be my last donation. My hair isn’t as shiny as it used to be. It is getting frizzier and I’m finally starting to find gray hairs (though my beautiful 12 yr old daughter thinks they are pretty because they are silver and sparkly.) Besides the fact, um, maybe a woman my age shouldn’t sit on her hair.

However, I’m trying to find the patience to do one final super grow. The epic to-the-butt grow. It’s challenging. It gets in the way. Rolls up with the seatbelt. Gets closed into the car door. Gets awkwardly trapped in my underarm. I’m shedding all over everything. I see pictures of myself and I have to just look away. Yet, I have a goal.

TO THE BUTT! Because some kid, who can’t grow hair on their own by no fault of their own will one day style it and wash it and LOVE it and it will make such a huge difference in their life to not have to worry about being teased any more. Because of my hair, we may have our first female president or a genetic cure for breast cancer.  Doesn’t every child deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential?

Today, my hair may be driving me batty. But I’m really, really thankful that I can grow it to give it away.

I’m grateful for my hairy and not so hairy blog followers too! Don’t forget to enter my Gratitude Giveaway. And if you have the hair capacity, donate!


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