My Daily Grateful - Friends

If you’ve been reading my daily grateful posts, and you are a friend of mine, you’ve probably got your hand on your hip, toe is a-tapping and you’re saying, “Hey what about me!?”

Well, with only today and tomorrow left of grateful posts, I’ve saved the best for last. Today my friends take center stage. I shout, I exalt, I’m as obnoxious as can be about how thankful I am for each and every one of you. defines friend as: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

LAME! That isn’t what friendship is.

Friendship is hopscotch, jumping into a pile of leaves, kickball, late night admissions, high school football games, secret crushes, marathon coffee shop visits, rock concerts, road trips, weddings, baby showers, toasting promotions, kiddy parties, New Year celebrations, laughter, and loads of love.

Friendship also includes copious tears, some terrors, some anger and a lot of forgiveness.

I have friends who I’ve only known a few years, but hope to never lose. I have a friend who knows everything about me – yes, she holds the power. I have a friend I’ve known my entire life, how amazing is that? Well, as amazing as she is, actually.

I’m thankful to Facebook for reuniting me with many friends from the past. It is so amazing to be back in touch with the people I shared my elementary, middle school and high school years with. Each and every one of you makes me smile. I love sharing our adult lives, our families.

Friends are my strength, my sanity, and my escape. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive, fun, loving friends.

I’m thankful for the friends in my life like I’m thankful for my blog followers. Be sure to enter my Gratitude Giveaway. Two of my blog followers will each win a signed copy of The Weaver. You have until 11:59 on 11/27 – EEP, that’s tomorrow. Hurry, hurry!!!! *runs around, arms flailing*


  1. I am lucky to have been your friend since High School, to have remained close and to have shared all these years through are a blessing to me and I know I can get thru anything because I always have you to turn to. I LOVE YOU!!

  2. I love you too, Vera. The comfort of having a friend that I know 120% will always be there, is so huge. If people don't have someone like that, they should start by being someone like that. Or maybe just speak w/a cute Wisconsin accent. I hear that attracts friends too. ;-)


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