My Daily Grateful - Freedom

picture by Nancy Burton
I am fiercely patriotic. I love our country and democracy. Silly things stoke my patriotism. Like, how our youth gather at midnight movies, such a display of passion and security. Black Friday. Even though I never participate, I love that it epitomizes our free trade economy. Big things flare my loyalty. September 11th. Well, there’s nothing bigger than that.

I have America The Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner on my ipod. We fly the flag every day of the year (weather permitting). Tears well every time I see that commercial where the soldier receives a recorded book from his child.
I may not always support my President’s policies, I may not always agree with a military action or a political movement of the people or a decision of the Supreme Court. But I always respect the individual persons behind all of it, because they are my fellow Americans who live free alongside me and who are equally responsible for the stewardship of this great country.

My husband gave me a diamond ring when we were married. I didn’t pay for it. I didn’t work for it. I didn’t earn it. But that doesn’t mean I will neglect its care. I didn’t fight for our country. I didn’t earn my freedom. But I won’t fail to respect the privilege of living in a country where freedom has been handed through the generations. Where other brave souls fight to protect it. 

I love this country. I'm thankful to live here.

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  1. That was terrific. I wrote a guest post for my blog tour next week that is about gratitude, and the thing that inspired me is the veteran's cemetery across the highway. We walked through there the other day and it was so peaceful and so moving. All these people who offered to serve to protect us. It humbled me.

  2. Melissa, what a touching idea to wander through a veteran cemetary. I'm going to have to put that on my to-do list.

    Shelli, I might be stalking, more than following. Hope that isn't creepy.


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