My Daily Grateful - Education

I’m taking advantage of the Gratitude Giveaways Hop to share with you the things that I am thankful for. Today’s gratitude is education.

Our public education system may not be fool proof, but it is a nationwide system that allows each child access to an education. It is chockfull of caring educators and administrators, often underpaid and under supported, who have the student’s education as their primary goal.

I am grateful that there was never a question whether or not I would learn to read. I am thankful that I was raised in a household that valued education and therefore supported my efforts, encouraged my advancement and challenged me to learn even more. It is always good to strive for better, but be sure to be thankful for what is provided.

Also be sure to visit my Gratitude Giveaways post and enter to win one of two signed books. Have you already read The Weaver? Then if you win, give your winnings as a gift to a child, gift it to a teacher’s classroom library, donate it to a library, or encourage literacy this holiday season by donating to a local literacy non-profit.


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