My Daily Grateful - Dreams

Some people don’t have the capacity to dream. Perhaps they are lacking imagination, life experience or confidence. Regardless, they make their way through life living from one event to the next never striving for much more.

I dream practically every night. I daydream. I sometimes spend far too much time in my dreamland. But I’m so thankful for the ability to dream. To hope. To set goals. To imagine a life with more of the things I love.

I’m an equal opportunity dreamer. I dream for my husband, my kids, my sisters, my besties.

I’m lucky because I don’t have many bad dreams, but I do have them. Yet, I’m thankful for them too, because they ground me. Help me see that my dreams should to stay tethered to reality in some small way to make the dream a possibility.

I dream in French. Though I never became fluent in the language in the waking world, I will have entire dreams in French and I’m pretty sure I’m speaking it correctly as is everyone else.

Most of my dreams are chockfull of people I don’t actually know…yet. Many of them I make up to fill a spot in my dream, but there have been several occasions where I’ve met the person later in life. My nighttime dreams can be very prophetic, but I don’t think that is unusual, I just think I listen or remember more than most.

I have ghost dreams, that aren’t scary. I have dystopian dreams that are. I have a reoccurring dream of hosting Saturday Night Live, with Josh Groban as the musical talent. I love that dream!

Mostly, I dream of a comfortable future for my family and lots of book contracts for me.

I’m grateful to have the capacity to dream and I’m thankful for my blog followers. Only 3 more days to enter my Gratitude Giveaway. Dream big, enter several and win, win, win.

Sweet dreams


  1. You must have been French in a previous life :-)
    What would life be without dreams? I know that I dream while sleeping, but I don't remember them unless they wake me up. If I remember them, then Iknow there is something important in them that I should think about. Josh Groban -yes! Your interview is ready to go as soon as I am up in the morning.

  2. Ha, I spent a couple months in France when I was 13 and I studied french for a few years. Just never became fluent. Not consciously anyway. I'll look for the interview tomorrow. Can't wait!


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