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Happy National Day On Writing!

Celebrating writing sounds like a fantastic idea to me, but then again I’m a writer.  So I asked non-writers what writing means to them. For the record, this is a non-scientific study.

Daughter (12, 7th grade, loves to write): I like how you can think of anything and make it fun to write about. I like how you can imagine stuff and put it in your story. Can be anything, a big tower or cavern, and you can make it into a story.

Son (13, 8th grade, actually doesn’t like to write – really hard for me to understand): I like that other people are creative and write stories that I like to read.

Husband (my age, out of school, not a writer): I like the plethora of emotion and thoughts that are called into being (to which I rolled my eyes) while reading different genres by creative writers. Like, when Lew Wetzel is running through the forest with the Indians on his tail, you feel excitement and fear. Or when Marvin the robot sings his little goodnight ditty, you understand his utter contempt for human life.

Son (17, Senior in high school, doesn’t care for writing): Still asleep, can’t ask him.

Anyway, my point being that even those who don’t like to write themselves can find reason to celebrate writing. I don’t think they’d want to throw writing a party or anything, like I do, but they will at least tip their hat to it and appreciate its value in their lives.

Why I write? 1. I’ve always felt more eloquent speaking through my fingers. 2. I like that by capturing my thoughts on paper, I can revisit them later, or share them with more people than are present when I form them. 3. The ultimate writing reward is sharing writing I’ve specifically created for a person. I really love being able to do that.

To celebrate the National Day on Writing I’m going to write this blog post which is packed full of word confetti and virtual balloons, plus I’m going to WRITE! Novel concept. (Bwahaha, see how I did that?)

What does writing do for you in your life? Why do you write? What are you doing to celebrate? Your turn.

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  1. https://www.facebook.com/notes/paul-w-hankins/whyiwrite-a-response-for-the-national-day-of-writing/10150422281711055

  2. I've always thought it interesting how some people hate writing anything and others just can't get enough of it. Writing is the kind of thing that people seem to love or to hate, it inspires those kinds of strong feelings for some reason.

  3. Good point, Karen. I never thought of it that way before. I've marveled over my son's inability to come up with an idea for a paper or the first paragraph of a paper. It is completely blocked in his mind. And he's such a smart kid, just not particularly creative.

  4. My brother, Tim, is an excellent writer. One of the best. But he doesn't enjoy it. Makes me angry!

    Here is my post: http://jennifermhartsock.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/happy-national-day-on-writing

  5. Maybe his time will come. We can only hope.

    Thanks for sharing your post, too.


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