It has been two months since I last posted my recent reads. A couple good reasons for this. One is that life got really sad and complicated. Two, I read four books I can't post about because they are for a competition. So in order to make up for it, I plowed through two books this weekend. I feel back on track with my reading.

Recent Reads:

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray – humble rating: Motivational Speaker – Fun!

Sophie & Carter by Chelsea Fine – humble rating: Motivational Speaker – Powerful, sad, hopeful.

Eighth Grade Super Zero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich - humble rating: Golf Clap++ – Good vulnerability and growth in the m.c. I loved how he questioned religion. So realistic, never preachy.

Tomorrow Girls – Behind The Gates by Eva Gray - humble rating: Golf Clap – Fast, fun reading.

Tomorrow Girls – Run For Cover by Eva Gray - humble rating: Golf Clap – Just as quick & entertaining. Liked that it was from another character’s p.o.v.

My own humble rating system: Please feel free to ask for clarification or to dispute my opinion.  I only ask that we ALWAYS remain respectful to the author.

Chirping Cricket – At the end all you hear is the chirp of the cricket.  I doubt I’ll ever use this because I can’t publicly embarrass someone knowingly.  However, I must have a ‘beginning’ rating in order for the rest to make sense. 

Golf Clap - The polite ovation that follows a well-placed shot.

Motivational Speaker –You are left fired up and eager to get to work making the world a better place.  You can’t wait to tell your friends all the insights and inspiration you took away from it. 

Rock Concert – Hooting and hollering, cheering, singing and clapping throughout the performance.  Swaying and lit lighters accompany ballads.  Riots break out if there is no encore


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