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1. stirred emotionally

I get excited over big things; book contracts, my kids’ achievements, paying off the car.
I get excited over small things; spring flowers, a really good book, cute & comfy shoes.

This is REALLY big and therefore has me jumping for joy and singing from the rooftops.

The Weaver is now available on Kindle.


Pretty cover

Pretty Chapter Art

Don’t delay! Download The Weaver to your Kindle, or your PC, or your Mac, or your Iphone, or your Ipad, or…they have so many free apps in which to read a Kindle book. No Kindle required!  Yippee!

Download it now and put The Weaver on the bestseller list for Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Awesome! I downloaded it.

  2. Fantastic, thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

    Kai (who isn't allowed to log onto her own blog!)


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