Authorly Misconceptions

Recently, I alluded to the fact that I was going to bow out of my role on the choir’s board of directors when my term came up at the end of the year. Immediately the other members started to rib me about how, now that I’m a published author, I don’t have time for stuff like board meetings. I agreed (tongue in cheek) that being a public personality didn’t allow time for such things like serving the community. They asked if I was going on tour for my book. I laughed. Then the conversation shifted back to concert attire.

Well, to my surprise, later someone said, “So, it really must be going well for you. Going on tour with the book.”  I was blown away that they even considered that a possibility.  I think that is when I realized the misconception that is attached to being a published author. So I am here to dispel the myths. Chime in if you think I’m mistaken or have forgotten anything.

§         Most authors won’t go on a physical book tour. Thank goodness for my current virtual book tour!
§         Many published authors are back in the slush with their next novel.
§         Buying a house for mother’s retirement comfort is not a common author gift.
§         Being an author is often a second job, sometimes a third.
§         Sometimes an author is only as popular as her family is large (thank goodness I have a huge family!)
§         Authors do their own laundry and clean up after their dog.

Admittedly, there are authors that see more success with their first book than this. But, given how many authors are out there – the odds of achieving that success is not in your favor. Plus, you’ll still have to pick up after the dog.

So, if you aspire to become a published author, do it because you have a story to tell, an impact to make, lives to affect, absolutely love to string words together and don’t mind standing in front of a room of people in your underwear (there is some vulnerability that comes along with being published).

Speaking of virtual book tours, today is the first day of my tour. Please join me at The Children’s & Teen’s Book Connection and at Authors and Appetizers.

See you in the trenches, soldiers!


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