Three Times a Charm with Katrina Lantz

Three Times a Charm is a weekly feature that spotlights authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the publishing industry. I’m having so much fun getting to know knew people. Wish I had started this feature a year ago!

This week Three Times introduces you to, Katrina Lantz.

Katrina Lantz is an aspiring novelist and blogger extraordinaire who reads like it’s going out of style (heaven forbid), and writes YA/MG novels in her ‘spare’ time. She contributes to The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog and Operation Awesome and muses on her own personal writing blog. She lives in southern California with her husband, two sons, and a bunch of dead houseplants.

Tell us about the blogs you are involved in.

Operation Awesome, home of the Mystery Agent contest, was started by my critique group months after we came together online, and in six months we’ve reached thousands of writers with our tips, commiserations, and contests. We even have a few success stories of writers who found agents or got requests after they were scouted on our blog. Those stories make me giddy.

The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog is more of a news and tips site, featuring up-to-the-second literary news. Because of Cortnee Howard, Tee Tate, and Adrienne Crezo (editors), I’m always up to date on what’s going on in literary-ville. The website explains our mission: At BDCWB, we are committed to the empowerment of writers everywhere– regardless of genre or stage in their craft. We want to be a resource. Your resource. So whether you’re looking for MFA application advice, Twitter tips or even if you just want to stay informed on the latest in all things literary, we have something here for you.”

Wow, those sound great, plus you keep your very own blog! When do you find time to write? Now, for the Threes. Share with us some of your top 3’s to help us know you a little better.

Top 3 books you’ve read in the past year:

1)      PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White. I wanted to read this book from the moment I read the beginning excerpt about a taser-toting blondie who sasses a crotchety costumed vampire. Nope, it’s not Buffy. It’s Evie, and she rocks. It’s a New York Times bestseller and the sequel (SUPERNATURALLY) is due out this fall!
2)      THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins. I put off reading this dystopian trilogy for months because everyone told me it was awesome, but dark. I’m a romantic comedy girl, so ‘dark’ scared me. Yeah, I was scared… of a book. Finally, someone told me there was comic relief and I decided I just had to read it. Man, am I glad I did! I didn’t even know a book could do what this book did. Its place in history is totally secure. Watch for the movie to come out in 2012.
3)      Unpublished dystopian romance by one of my critique partners. I’ve never been so thirsty for someone else’s work to be published as I am for this book. It’s a trilogy with a great concept and a devastating back story. I can’t wait for you all to read it. Since I can’t talk about her book, I’ll just point you to her blog: Adventures in Writing (

Top 3 pieces of advice for newly aspiring authors:

1)      Get a critique group. Set up a schedule with them and keep your deadlines. It will be the best thing you ever did for your writing career. You can find accomplices online at forums like
2)      When you feel ready to query your first novel to literary agents, stop. Start writing your second book. Midway through that, go back and reread your first novel. You’ll see it needs more editing. Once it’s been beta-tested by readers who know your genre, then query. And keep writing that second novel while you do.
3)      Start a writing blog. Make yourself write in it and read/comment on other writer blogs at least once a week. The sense of community is priceless and the writing tips keep important industry knowledge at the forefront of your mind while you write.

Top 3 most admired authors:

1) C.S. Lewis, for always writing what was in his heart
2) Stephenie Meyer, for teaching me about passionate writing
3) Kiersten White, for being the kind of author to her fans that I hope to be someday

Where can we find all this awesome information and keep up with your writing career?

Le Blogs:

Thanks Katrina for being this week’s guest on Three Times A Charm. I really love that you highlighted your crit partner’s book. That’s super awesome of you. Best of luck with everything!


  1. Great interveiw! I def follow Operation from following Amparo, but I didn't know much about Katrina

  2. Bekah, Katrina is very humble. I had to talk her into doing the interview. I'm so glad she did! Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me, Kai! It was fun!

    Bekah, Amparo is awesome, right? I love her!

  4. Great interview. And so true about Katrina being humble. She doesn't know how awesome she is. I'm lucky to call her a friend and CPs (and seriously blushing that she mentioned my book). She didn't mention how awesome her writing is either!

  5. Great to see Katrina (and Lindsay) getting their due...

  6. Thanks for popping over, Lindsay and Kelly.

  7. What a super interview, Kai. Nice to learn about you, Katrina. Best of luck with your writing.

  8. Glad you enjoyed it, Beverly.


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