Please Distract Me From Minute to Win It

I really can’t explain what it is about this show that makes me so mad.  Might be the host’s contrived hair.  Might be the over-the-top drama. Might be the token “accented” sidekick (in this case – the blueprint explainer). Don’t even make me think about the fact that the contestants spend loads of time at home practicing these games. If you do, I’m sorry. Really, I am.

For some reason, my husband and kids like this show.  So it is on.  I guess now is a good time for a blog post. 

I’ve been lax with my posts lately.  I wonder, does anyone miss me when I’m not posting? Or do you only notice me when I do?  My guess is the latter.  I really love browsing through my friends’ posts on livejournal. I’m kinda obsessed with scrolling through my reader in blogger. Then there are a few I have added to my favorites.  Do I notice when one out of the dozens of blogs I follow skipped a day or two? Um…no.

However, I do enjoy a well thought out blog post. (Something you aren’t really getting from me tonight, btw.)  I love hearing about people’s writing processes or their thoughts on a book they’ve just finished reading. I love hearing how an innocent response from a child helped to resolve a problem in their chapter.  I love learning that there are other people out there in the world, who like me, attended a function for their ‘real’ job tonight and really tried to stay focused, but whose mind kept wondering to things like how I should work a quirk into my main character or I could add depth to my heroine with a touching story of ‘why’ and ‘what’ brought her where she is. Someone asked me if I wanted wine and I said, “No, but do you have a pen?”

Okay, I made the pen response up – just now.  But it was a great illustration of how scattered I’ve been lately and why I haven’t been able to post on a regular basis.

So the Minute To Win It Super Head to Head event continues after Ozzy figures out “What’s a Bieber?” and I will steal the remote and change the channel, or read, or {{gasp}} write. And you will go on with your blog browsing and tomorrow, will you notice if I don’t post?


  1. Well, atleast that tv show got you a visitor. I was trying to understand who watches that show. I can understand kids liking it. The host is sort of a manufactured promoter cartoon character and likely sticks to a short script. Market research likely tells the producers to put the host in that costume and to give the sidekick an accent. It's the same thing combination that sells widgets on infomercials.


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