Watch Out for the Splatter!

I visited with Susan Kaye Quinn over on her blog Ink Spells. Please visit. Feel free to heckle, in a good-natured way.  Topics that leave themselves wide open for it are; the Midwest accent I worked so hard to get rid of that comes back when I’m speaking in front of a room of people or when I’m talking to my big sister, my snobby attitude and how well THAT worked for me or maybe my lack of focus in my writing based on my subs and WIPs.

Now onto more serious matters. Exploding heads.  That would be mine. Let me preface this by saying, I’m thrilled to have this problem, but that’s not going to stop me from complaining about it.

In the short time since The Weaver hit the presses, my life has changed so much! 

1.      I feel like I have pregnancy brain. (I know, it’s birthed already, weird—huh?) I am experiencing a distinct lack of focus and can’t seem to follow a thought thread to its end.
2.      I feel like I have two jobs.  My day job, which most unfortunately is feeling the strain of #1 and my responsibility of promoting the book.  When I’m home, I’m looking for ways to promote, but #1 seems to waylay the success of those efforts.
3.      I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I’d ask why someone hasn’t written a manual for this, but I’ve read a few and I’m still looking up in the air for that thought bubble to answer my questions.
4.      I feel like my crit buddy, Bev, is going to gently scold me for using “I feel” so much. Since…um…I think that might be her most common input on my manuscripts. Sorry, Bev!
5.      I’m not sleeping well.  Which is a TOTALLY weird thing for me. I’ve always been the one who falls asleep minutes after laying down and wakes chipper and happy the next morning.  Now I lay in bed thinking when I go to bed and any ole noise will wake me at 0-dark-thirty and my mind instantly whirs into actions.  Now all my bags are packed and sitting in the shadows. Yep, the ones under my eyes.  Attractive.

And you know what? This is the best, absolute most awesome way to be stressing!  Man, I hope I can do this again soon.


  1. Welcome to the joys of having a book published! It's a fantastic thing, which begs the question, "Then why do I feel like throwing up?" If it's any consolation (it's probably not), I think this happens to EVERYONE when they first publish. Don't worry, it will ease. But you have to find your own balance with it - not easy!

    Hang in there! :)

  2. "Then why do I feel like throwing up?" Ha ha! I thought (and hoped) my manic state would ease after awhile. Phew.

    Thanks, Susan.


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