Attention Avid Readers

What a difference a year makes.  At the close of 2009, I called out to all my online writer friends to suggest books for my to-be-read list for 2010. I got a LOT of great suggestions. Read many of them. 

Yet this year, I didn’t need to raise my virtual hand and ask my question. Why? Because now I belong to Goodreads.  I love Goodreads!  I don’t even use all the awesomeness that it offers, but one feature I fully appreciate is the ability to easily add to my tbr list based on the books my friends are reading, have read or plan to read. It’s really a great way to find books you wouldn’t normally be exposed to.  If you are an avid reader, I suggest joining.  You’ll find plenty of people to befriend with similar reading habits or you can just follow people’s reviews if that is all you are interested in. 

Speaking of great reading resources, I’m A Reader, Not A Writer is a fantastic book review and author interview blog.  I don’t know how the heck she keeps up the volume that she does AND do such a great job.  I’ve got an author interview and GIVEAWAY being featured on her blog. Be sure to get over there before 2/3/11 to enter the giveaway.  Then be sure to browse through the myriad of author interviews and book reviews she has on the site.


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