Are You A Stuttering Blogger?

Way back when I created my blog, Strands of Thought, I researched and researched the different blog host sites.  I read numerous blogger opinions on why they chose the host they chose. I read many reviews about what was right and what was wrong about different hosts.  Then I chose Livejournal as my host site.

But now I’m not so sure it is the best option out there.  It seems to me that bloggers tend to get more followers on Blogger because of the ease of following.  I also like the look of Blogger better.  I don’t know how to write HTML code or change it to suit my needs and I’ve never figured out how to customize LJ because of it.  I think Blogger is more user friendly in that regard. 

Well, time will tell.  I’ve taken the plunge and I’ve created a mirror blog on Blogger.  It will be the same as my LJ blog, so if you are a friend on Livejournal, I’ll still appear on your friends page.  I know you couldn’t live without my witty and insightful posts…um…er, well, I wouldn’t want them to simply go missing on you without your even noticing.

However, if your blog reader of choice is Blogger, please follow me over there.  As of my very first mirror posting, I have NO followers and I’d love to ring in the New Year with a few at least.  Hop on over to to visit my old blog, Strands of Thought, wrapped in a new package.

I’d LOVE to hear the current dish on what you prefer about the different host sites and what quirks annoy you about them.  This is an experiment for me and if you have any input, tips, or advice, leave a comment for me, please.


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