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Lake Effect
A Witting Trickster God

He’s the rightful heir to a volatile throne. Can he survive the claiming period to take the crown?


Luke has been studying his entire life to rule Rime and the time has finally come for him to claim his place. He has ninety days to prove he’s worthy but there are insurmountable obstacles to overcome. Then a surprise twin sister shows up with laser sights on his title.


Just when his goal is in sight, he learns the most unexpected challenger has been under his nose the entire time. And he doesn’t only want to stop Luke’s bid for the throne, he wants to abolish Luke altogether.


Will Luke successfully claim his throne, or will he be snuffed out before he even wears the crown?


If you like a dash of political intrigue, wrapped in surprise reveals, topped with edge-of-your-seat drama, you’ll love A Witting Trickster God, book 2, in Kai Strand’s Trickstering series.


Buy A Witting Trickster God for a nail-biting adventure today!

What readers are saying about Kai's books for kids & teens:


The Weaver by Kai Strand is truly a special book.

-Amazon Reader

Kai Strand really did put together something kind of fantastic here.

-RoloPolo Book Blog

A gripping YA story with a compelling message for teenagers. A FINALIST and highly recommended.

-Wishing Shelf Book Awards



L. A. Dragoni

-For the grown ups among us-

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