The day Ella forced herself to sit down and talk to the homeless boy, she change both their lives


Book festivals

Superheroes and Super villains are balanced...and that's good, right?


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The world needs heroes & villains, but the one who balanced them all is missing.

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Signings and readings

When international intrigue hits small town America, more than the car chases get your blood pumping.

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The Weaver Tales

Published by Guardian Angel Publishing

The Weaver: With one wish, Mary is weaving yarn charms instead of better stories.

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The Wishing Well: Molly wishes for her family to say what they they do.


The Lumpy Duckling: Wheezy wishes everyone would see her best friend, Lumpy, like she does.


When Natalie's invention is an overnight sensation, the media has a field day destroying her image.



Middle Grade

Workshops and panels

Everybody loves a bad boy and Jeff Mean is King of Bad.

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This isn't the first time Ayden has taken to the streets. Will it be his last?


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Young Adult by Kai Strand

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